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Mark Mason Media is our official Photographer.


Mark Mason Media will be offering both stage photos and videos as well as supply with all show results and photos after the show. If you click on the BOOK NOW button, you will see many options for photography and video ordering.

Mark Mason has been shooting shows all over the USA for more than 20 years and takes alot of pride in making sure he can help you look your best once you step onstage.


Photographers who are not approved by the Pacific Coast Championships promotional team will be subject to removal of the competition.


This rule is to ensure that the athletes onstage/backstage are not appearing in images without their consent. No other photography is allowed to be taken and sold to competitors. Any photographers who are not approved by the Pacific Coast Championships promoters will be asked to leave.


Your family IS allowed to take photos of you only, but they are not allowed past the first row to take photos or take photos of other competitors during the competition.

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